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I am Adrian a crypto enthusiast from Romania


My name is Adrian and I'm 41 years old. I'm a crypto enthusiast from Romania. I have entered this amazing crypto world in early 2014 reading forums and building my first mining rig back then (4xgtx750i). Since then, I am involved in various crypto projects and I follow with interest the blockchain scene.

I have been watching Lisk from the very beginning and invested a good portion of my crypto funds into Lisk. My nodes are up since the start of testing with good uptime percenteges (above 98%) and I will keep it that way. I manage a testnet node up at all times to support testing and development of Lisk platform.

A big thank you to this awesome community from wich I have learned a lot in these past years!
I want Lisk to succeed and I will keep supporting with donations towards community initiatives (as I see fit). I will also provide nodes for Sidechains/Blockchain Apps (as I see fit).



Main server

4 CPU Cores
8 GB RAM + 4GB swap
DDoS Protection

1-2 Back-up nodes available all times


Cloud Compute Virtual Servers
4 CPU Cores
6GB RAM + 4GB swap
DDoS Protection

My distribution percentages:

Shared with my voters

Expenses for Securing Node

Donations to various comunity initiatives

I will support Future Blockchain Apps Projects. I will also provide nodes for some Blockchain Apps, starting with most important, as I see fit!

Personal Expenses

Selfvote Long Term

These funds will be maintained for a long period of time in my accounts for future projects.

Current Contributions and planned contributions to Lisk Ecosystem:

  1. I did my small part in this complex process which is Lisk development ! On the way, I created and managed a Lisk Facebook page to help spread awareness in the Romanian community and not only.

  2. I have been always up to date with new releases and updated my nodes (mainnet/testnet) in a timely manner.

  3. I donated to various Lisk projects and initiatives for a total of 9000LSK+.

  4. And I plan to keep on supporting sidechains and blockchain applications.

  5. In the early times I also helped where I could new community members in chat and on forums.


Donations for active contributors to Lisk ecosystem:
130LSK sexor
130LSK bloqspace.io
130LSK lisk.central.america
130LSK prolina
130LSK TonyT908
130LSK endro
130LSK Elevate
130LSK slamper
130LSK Lemii
130LSK Elum
130LSK LiskPoland.pl
130LSK John_Muck
130LSK korben3
130LSK E1337
130LSK zOwn3Ds
130LSK frakilk
100LSK Isabella
100LSK Vega
150LSK MrV
150LSK mrgr
150LSK vrlc82
200LSK gr33ndragon
175LSK ?
100LSK Dakk for his contributions to Lisk ecosystem
70LSK cryptoguyinza
70LSK elevate
100LSK lisk.support
75LSK prolina
60LSK hirish
75LSK Elevate
75LSK E1337
Donations to community projects:
400LSK Lisk Center Utrecht
635LSK Lisk Center Utrecht
184LSK FixCrypt Lisk desktop client- 14322058075370095090, 11514149877437370770
1500LSK LiskRomaniaPromoFund
600LSK FULIG - Italian Lisk Community
550LSK BitBansky s Lisk awareness campaign
1000LSK atreide s april initiative in Bucharest
250LSK StellarDynamic lisk_neworleans meetups initiative
100LSK liskpro.com
Lisk Community Fund donations
600LSK Community Fund
9143 LSK Total donations! MORE TO COME!



lisk [ a t ] samuray [ d o t ] io